iPT Making Progress on Payment

iPTCA Files Formal Complaint Against One Call Medical Management and Align Networks

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TOP 10 reasons to join and contribute to iPT

1. Action on ‘middleman’ discount network issues (2013-current)

2. Legal action on Blue Shield ‘All Contracts Clauses’ and late payments for new eval codes (2016-2017)

3. OrthoNet (2015)

4. Cigna/ASH (2015)

5. Anthem ‘Takebacks’ for Kinesiotaping (2014-2015)

6. Member Assistance with Covered CA (2014)

7. Testified at Department of Managed Health Care Against Anthem-Cigna Merger (2016)

8. Supported SB 863 (Work Comp Reform/PT raises) and Member Assistance (2012-2014)

9. Regulatory Action Against Covered CA Narrow Network Plans (2014)

10. Opposed AB 1000- POPTS legalization for direct access (2013)


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