PT Reports Superhero Sighting at Anthem/Orthonet Headquarters


It was five years ago…..a time of crisis….a time when Anthem inflicted a unilateral 40% payment cut on CA physical therapists. Soon thereafter, one hundred PTs picketed Anthem’s headquarters in North Los Angeles. Among the picketers was an American superhero, fighting for truth, justice, and fair treatment of patients and PTs. The PTs and superhero were partially successful….eventually convincing Anthem to pay PTs up to $150 for the evaluation visit.

On November 1, 2015, Anthem struck again….trying to inflict OrthoNet on CA PTs……a middleman that allegedly brags about rationing up to 40% of PT visits. However, this time Anthem and OrthoNet were stalled by assertive PT action!

In fact, one iPT member called the OrthoNet authorization hotline last Friday and got this “shocking” message regarding their delay.

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The phone message ‘cut off’ rather abruptly and without a salutation, leaving PTs to wonder…

What’s up with that???

In other news, the masked marvel was sighted again last week, outside Anthem headquarters. But he was not picketing this time. He was seen climbing up a telephone pole…..

All of this has left CA PTs wondering… there any “connection.”

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